What Medicare Is

Basics of Medicare

Recently, the United States government has passed a law that all people in America who are 65 years or older are required to buy Medicare. At the present time, there are still debates on whether or not the age requirement should be younger or not. To put the program as it currently runs in an understandable way, the program works as follows: There is a Medicare A, and it pays for 80% of hospital, rehabilitation center, or hospice stays. In order to get fully covered, you need another policy. The only benefit that is fully covered is the Medicare Home Health Benefit. Then there is a Medicare B policy, and that pays 80% of doctor’s visits and outpatient therapies. The last type of policy is a Medicare D one, paying for any prescription drugs. It contains different plans, so you would need to decide which is personally best for you based on your prescribed medications.

Does Medicare Pay For Home Care?

Medicare does pay for home care, but then again it does not. At the moment, Medicare pays 100 percent for visits to the home by physical therapists, aides for bath visits, medical social work, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and registered nurses. The people do not stay after the task is performed, however.

Another Catch…

Bath visits are not considered to be skills, and you have to take a skill evaluation from a registered RN who orders the other skills for you. Without the need for other skills, you are unable to receive an aide for a bath visit. Then again, Medicare does NOT cover any assistant or aide that helps with personal care and/or homemaking chores, the reason being that these are tasks that last longer. The caregiver could be there for hours, weeks, or even for good. The service gets paid for by the client’s Long Term Care Policy or their own money. To find out more about Medicare, please visit www.medicare.gov. They will supply you with much more detailed information about the program. This is simply the basics. You may also go to www.medicarecompare.gov in order to view certified agencies’ ratings in your local area. As part of Trusted Home Care Services, we offer Elder Care, and are linked to a Medicare certified sister agency who will be happy to answer any further questions or concerns that you may have about this subject. Call us toll free at 855-SAFE-HELP, or at 561-314-3976. You can also email us at info@trustedhcs.com.