Benefits For Veterans

We At Trusted HomeCare Services Love Our Veterans!

Trusted HomeCare Services recognize veterans benefits as very important. There is a commonly unrecognized Veterans Administration (VA) benefit for use by either the veteran or a surviving spouse called Aid & Attendance. It is solely used to offset medical expenses i.e HomeCare and medical bills. The benefit provides money monthly to supplement medical expenses including home care. All benefits are according to medical expenses and medical need of the individual person, discharged papers are needed in order to receive this benefit. In order to find out more about the specifics of this VA benefit program, contact a VA Specialist with Senior Information Center about how the VA may help you. Or contact the VA directly at 877-294-6380. No money is needed to just fill out an application, but receiving financial advice and planning may be a different story, contact Senior Information Center for help.

There are many VA programs available to veterans, but the one program that will provide dollars to offset the cost of home care is the Aid and Attendance program:

  • Direct Deposit benefits
  • Payments for burials
  • Paying for death pensions
  • Money for education
  • Home Loan Guarantee Benefits
  • Compensations for Disabilities
  • Medical Care assistance
  • Vocational Rehabilitation as well as employment
  • Compensation for Dependency Indemnity
  • The location of the Veterans Administration Benefits Offices, located regionally

Receiving Aid and Attendance benefits may cause you to be unable to qualify for other governmental benefits such as Medicaid unless planned for properly. Your planner must be well versed in VA and Medicaid planning or you may be creating a larger problem for the future. Contact Senior Information Center for the proper way to plan, so the decision must be made wisely.
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